Thursday, 8 January 2015


Wednesday January 8 , President Carlos CHANGE PERU Jaico Carranza , accompanied by the Countess Esther De Pommery , Lilian Castillo Vasquez member of the secretariat of organization and Alberto Cieza Roundtable representative visited the commercial emporium Roundtable to hear about your organization and recognize the drive and work of traders.  

CHANGES PERU President toured the different street vendors- free -encontrĂ¡ndolas streets and galleries where he talked with traders , being greeted warmly and spontaneously by dealers and users.  In one part of his visit emphasized the prevention of risk situations for traders and users of this busy shopping area , where the work of civil defense must be constantly emphasized .  

Along the way, he visited the Temple of Jesus Repairman which dates back to the colony, where he was received by the nuns of the Sacred Heart . There he could see the great educational work they are doing , with primary and secondary schools for children in the area; you feel this " an oasis of peace with intellectual and moral formation in central Lima ," he concluded .

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