Monday, 16 October 2017


HRH Princess Majda

Dear Esther, 

Good news! 👍😊
Your wonderful big shipment of toys and clothes arrived !! It was brought to Al  Hussein Society yesterday and I went over and took a look at the huge amount of cartons and took a peek into some of them.
Beautiful toys of all kinds and lovely clothes, all in perfect condition!

During the coming week we will make registers of all the items and make plans for the distribution, both to the Syrian refugee camps and to orphanages as well as to the families of the children who attend our Center. As we go along we will send you reports of how and to whom we hand them out. 

Big, big warm thanks, dear Esther, for your great help and effort with this donation from the Swiss Red Cross!!
Please send me the name of whom at the Red Cross I should send a formal thanks. 

Lots of love and appreciation, 

HRH Princess Majda

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